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Our Programs to Help Adoptive and Foster Families

Sylvia Thomas Center provides support services for:

All services are delivered by trained personnel that are competent in adoption matters, with the skills and experience identifying and responding to the unique needs of adoptive and foster families and children.

Case Management

Our main program focuses on case management services for post adoptive families in crisis. For these families we offer case management for 6 to 9 months to help stabilize behavior, improve interaction and communication, prevent out of home placement in a residential facility and further involvement in the DJJ system.

Our case management is a family-centered program, where our trained personnel give parents the tools needed to improve parenting of adopted children. These services are included in our Family Forward program. Our agency has MSW and LCSW  adoption support counselors on staff, 2 MSW interns and ability to contract with adoption competent mentors and therapists, as well as, LCSWs and LMHCs that provide in-home counseling to our case management families. Referral start with a telephone intake with the parent, then a home visit to conduct a needs-assessment and family support plan.

Support Groups

We have several support groups for adoptive parents, children, and young adults.

  • PEP Talk is a (Parents Empowering Parents) drop-in group where parents share and connect to form informal networks and friendships with other adoptive parents. Parents lead and determine the topics of discussion each week. The meeting includes coffee and pastries. Please note; no child care is available.
  • Adoptive Parents Support is a psycho-educational group meeting with a topic and speaker each month. We share information about trauma and attachment, self-regulation, etc. Please note; child care is available and light refreshments.
  • Teens Scene is an adolescent support group for ages 13 to 17. This therapeutic group is focused on group discussion, interactive crafts, games to learn trust building, integrity, post adoptive teens only, friendship, etc. Pizza and a light snack is included.
  • Forever Friends Kid Club is another adolescent support group. Kid’s Club includes any child in the home, ages 5 to 12 living with the adoptive child. This group’s focus is on group discussion, interactive crafts, games to learn trust building, integrity, friendship, etc. Pizza and a light snack is included.


Sylvia Thomas Center conducts Quarterly Parent Training for adoptive parents that include topics about investment, parenting, Dad’s approach to parenting, CDAP, etc. The quarterly training includes lunch and child care

Respite Program

Our newest program is Respite. It’s specifically for post adoptive parents. The Respite Program links adoptive parents residing in Hillsborough County to volunteers and paid respite providers in Hillsborough County. Sylvia Thomas Center is able to assist in funding some respite.

We host Respite Activity Days for children 5 to 12 years old during some school holidays, Super Spring Break Away, Summer Respite Activity Days and a Thanks for Giving Respite Day.


We proactively encourage all family support services, community members, families and friends to refer adoptive families to the Sylvia Thomas Center that are interested in our program, need help, want more information or want phone support.


Visit our Brandon Facility to access our resource library. You may borrow from a variety of detail subject-matter collateral and also take advantage of our Resource webpage for further information on the Internet.

Our staff is knowledgeable of community resources and events. Call the Sylvia Thomas Center to link to other programs that will assist your family.


Sylvia Thomas Center provides advocacy services provide staff personnel to attend meetings and appointments with or without the adoptive parents being present for the benefit and protect the child. We can also assist by attending IEP meetings, DJJ hearings, etc. with adoptive parents to help better determine and understand the needs of the child and render professional recommendations. We strongly encourage all providers that come in contact with an adoptive family who are unfamiliar with our program services to refer the family to the Sylvia Thomas Center for additional support.


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