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Sylvia Thomas Center Brandon Facilities

For more than 20 years, the Sylvia Thomas Center has served thousands of adoptive and foster families in Hillsborough County.

Mission and Vision

The Sylvia Thomas Center cultivates the permanency of adoptive and foster families by providing comprehensive case management,  support groups, counseling and education.

We strive to keep the “forever” in Forever Families by using all the necessary tools, interactions, support and guidance to enable families to bond, thrive and live in love and harmony.

Quilt made by children and families

Children and families of the Sylvia Thomas Center contributed squares to make this quilt representing the Forever Families we serve.

In Memory of Sylvia Thomas

The Sylvia Thomas Center was founded in 2000 in honor of Sylvia Thomas. It’s a nonprofit 501c3 corporation devoted to serving the needs of adoptive and foster families in Hillsborough County.

Sylvia Thomas was a champion for adoptive and foster families by constantly working to improve the home-life of children. She also tirelessly worked with the community to help dependent and displaced children and their families. Sylvia made herself available to these families to listen, support and assist with solving everyday challenges with children and the child welfare system.

In April 2000, Sylvia died suddenly of a brain aneurysm. Four people of her colleagues and friends  that knew her and moved by her charitable works collaborated in July 2000 to honor her memory by forming a nonprofit agency to continue her work. Sylvia Thomas Center remains in Brandon and continues to operate free of charge by receiving funding from State of Florida, Eckerd Community Alternative and the generosity of the community and individual supports.

Helping Adoptive Families

For more than 20 years, we have been making a difference in helping adoptive families stay together by working through issues and solving behavior problems. This includes a focus on providing badly needed support and counseling to children effected by abuse, abandonment and neglect.

Since inception, Sylvia Thomas Center’s staff and volunteers have touched the life of over 6,000 children and families — specifically over 300 children have received intensive case management services including family and individual therapy. As a result of our much needed services, since our foundation, we have have phenomenal success with adoptive and foster families.


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