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September’s Kids of the Month

In Search of a Forever Home:

“We belong together”

Desiree, (14) AKA Nyelli, is a sweet and kind young woman who’s intensely protective over her younger siblings. She loves cosmetics and taking photographs, and she has strong ties to her culture and community.

Angel, (11) has a larger-than-life personality and he eats, sleeps and breathes sports. He loves football and soccer and spends most of his time outside. He’s formidable on the field, even with those cute dimples of his!

Jaylene, (10) is the sweetest thing you’ll ever met. She has a nurturing heart, and she adores all of her siblings. Although they are apart, she keeps photographs of all of them on the wall of her bedroom, so that they can always be with her. She hopes with all her might that they’ll find a home together.

Evan, (8) a gentle and loving little boy. He’s expressive and intelligent, and creating new Lego creations is his favorite pastime. He’s connected to his culture and it’s important to him that he doesn’t forget how to speak Spanish.

Jayden, (7) In this mix of brothers and sisters, Jayden is the quiet and shy one. He’s adorable, loves to laugh, and he’s obsessed with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Brianna, (3) is a little timid when she first meets someone but when she warms up to you she’s very affectionate. She loves Minnie Mouse and baby dolls, and she’s enthusiastic about the dance classes she’s taking now. She’s very close to her littlest siblings, and she adores Jaylene.

Jorge, (2) or “JJ”, is super smart and talkative. He’s a very active little boy with a huge personality! He loves all Disney characters and Paw Patrol. JJ is very close with his older sister, Brianna, and his baby sister, Heavenly.

Heavenly, (1) is a very sweet and snuggly baby girl. She’s just beginning to talk and has the cutest little voice! She loves to chase her big brother, JJ, and big sister, Brianna, and try to do everything that they do.

This group of kids has eight times the love and fun! They will thrive in a two-parent home that loves the hustle and bustle of a big, happy family, and who will be open to helping them maintain ties to extended family in the area. These kids have a very tight bond and they desperately want to be placed in the same home, so they can all be together again.

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Children’s Board Heart Gallery of Tampa Bay,

Photo by Daniel Wallace

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