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November’s Kid of The Month

Children’s Board Heart Gallery Tampa Bay

The Sylvia Thomas Center is a strong supporter of placement of children available for adoption. The awesome child of the month looking to belong to a loving family is featured below. This is a wonderful opportunity for both the prospective adoptive family and the child to gain new experiences that will be treasured for a lifetime and a selfless gift to improve the quality of life for child that deserves a loving home and family.

november-kid-of-monthJoshua is an outgoing, friendly kid who possesses charm in spades. He’s empathetic and strives to help others whenever he can, and has become a dependable guy to the other kids in his foster home. In school, Joshua excels in science and reading. When he’s not in school, he likes to either be playing football or video games, so long as he’s with his friends. Joshua’s a sweet and engaging kid who would love to be part of a family that enjoys hanging out together, and it’d be a bonus if they were sports fans! Joshua has so much hope and love in his heart, and the potential to do amazing things in life. He’ll thrive in a nurturing and supportive home with a strong male role model.

For more photos and information, please visit Heart Gallery.’s Board Heart Gallery of Tampa Bay, photo by That’s a Pretty Picture Photography

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