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Ashanti is Sylvia Thomas Center's Kid of the Month

Kid of The Month

Children’s Board Heart Gallery Tampa Bay

Sylvia Thomas Center is a strong supporter of placement of children available for adoption. The awesome child of the month looking to belong to a loving family is featured below. This is a wonderful opportunity for both the prospective adoptive family and the child to gain new experiences that will be treasured for a lifetime and a selfless gift to improve the quality of life for child that deserves a loving home and family.

Ashanti is Sylvia Thomas Center's Kid of the Month

Ashanti, age:13
“I love music!”

Little Ashanti has many obstacles to overcome every day. And every day, for all of her thirteen years, she has tackled these obstacles with strength and tenacity – and a big smile. She loves interactive toys and being talked to, listening to music and watching television.

Welcoming Ashanti into your family will be different than other thirteen year old girls, but having this sweet soul in your life is an indescribable joy. She carries with her warmth and serenity, and she deserves the love and consistency of a forever family. Ashanti will do best in a nurturing, supportive home able to care for her medical needs.


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