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December’s Kid of the Month

Children’s Board Heart Gallery Tampa Bay

The Sylvia Thomas Center is a strong supporter of placement of children available for adoption. The awesome child of the month looking to belong to a loving family is featured below. This is a wonderful opportunity for both the prospective adoptive family and the child to gain new experiences that will be treasured for a lifetime and a selfless gift to improve the quality of life for children that deserves a loving home and family.

december-kid-of-the-monthAlannah is a beautiful young woman, inside and out. She wears her heart-of-gold on her sleeve and tenaciously loves people through their very worst times. Alannah cares about others, especially little kids, and her goal is to become a neonatal nurse. She’s an exceptional student, and is very serious about her schoolwork! She loves To Kill A Mockingbird and AP Chemistry, and thinks her best friend would probably describe her as “loud, funny, and reliable.” Alannah has the wonderful ability to make everyone feel like a friend, and she’s fiercely loyal to those she loves. Alannah has had to do so much of life on her own, and she’ll flourish under the consistency and care of a forever family. She’ll thrive in an encouraging household with younger siblings and looks forward to having a mom and a dad.

For more photos and information, please visit Heart Gallery.’s Board Heart Gallery of Tampa Bay, photo by That’s a Pretty Picture Photography

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